Monday, August 25, 2014

Man Kills Male Sex Partner In Hotel Room

Another social media love tragedy has occurred in Lagos after a homosexual allegedly murdered the male sex partner he met on facebook in a hotel room in Lagos.
A similiar incident happened in Festac in 2012 when Cynthia Osokogu’s facebook lovers lured her to Lagos and allegedly murdered her in a hotel room in  Festac Town, Lagos.
In the latest incident, the police at State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti Yaba, arrested the 24-year old suspected murderer, Michael Okorocha, and the manager of the popular hotel at Oke Afa area of Lagos State, western Nigeria, over the murder of the 20-year old youth identified as Okere Chinedu John.
Okorocha allegedly used a jack knife and sliced John’s throat in the hotel room and he bled to death.
P.M.NEWS learnt that Okorocha and the late John suspected to be homosexuals, met on social media and became friends.

Monday, May 12, 2014

MEN ONLY: 7 Lies Wives Tell Their Husbands

Your Internet history isn't the only dirty little secret in your relationship. In a study from Texas A&M University, people admitted to misleading their partner a third of the time. When they got hitched, that number dropped to 1 in 10--but still, that means the woman you exchanged vows with could be deceiving you on a near-daily basis. "Women weigh the pros and cons of honesty versus lying," says Susan Shapiro Barash, author of Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets: The Truth About Why Women Lie. "Often they find that white lies serve them more than the truth."
A wife's dishonesty may come from a place of compassion, or may just be an attempt to please or placate you. But, the truth is, no one wants to share a bed with Pinocchio. So when should your B.S. detector sound? Listen for these seven common catchphrases--and prepare to call her bluff.

1. "This dress was on sale."
It wasn't. In your wife's mind, saving money ("It was half off!") negates spending it--and therefore reduces the odds that you'll blow up at her about blowing the budget. "This is often taught by the mother: Always downplay. Never reveal how much something really cost," says Barash. And her need to protect her image may overpower her desire for honesty. "We think a man will judge us for our spending habits, and that he'll think we're silly or frivolous," says DeAnne Lorraine, a Los Angeles-based dating coach. "We don't want him to think we're a liability."

2. "You have the biggest penis I've ever seen."
You don't. This is what psychologists call an "altruistic lie"--an untruthful compliment designed to shield you from embarrassment. "Most women have one ex-boyfriend that was enormous," says Lorraine. "But among the rest, there were only miniscule differences. So why not tell this guy he's the biggest?" Read: Unless you're packing some serious sausage, you probably aren't top dog. But you're so similar to the others that she can convince herself you've got a quarter inch more to offer. "It's not like it really matters to us, but it matters to men," says Lorraine. "So we'll stroke their egos."

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Boko Haram Abducts 8 More Girls In Waranbe, Takes Over Gwoza Roads In Borno

A Boko Haram suicide bomber apprehended by security agents in Yobe on Sunday
Boko Haram militants have stepped up attacks in Borno state overnight as members of the deadly northern Nigerian sect yesterday  sacked police and army checkpoints in Gamboru Ngala and Shanni  near the Nigerian/Camerounian border
Overnight, the militants raided Waranbe village in Gwoza. Gwoza is  130 kilometers from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

Woman Lynched Over Attempt To Kidnap 3 Kids

A suspected female kidnapper was Tuesday set ablaze by a mob on Ekoro Road at Abule Egba area of Lagos, southwest Nigeria.
The incident which occurred around 7:00a.m. led to traffic gridlock on Ekoro Road as motorists had harrowing experience navigating through the crowd that thronged the scene of the incident.
Eyewitnesses said the woman allegedly kidnapped three children who were on their way to school in the area, but that a bread seller raised the alarm as the suspect tried to escape from the scene.
The unknown woman was said to have been beaten to a pulp before youths in the area hung a tyre on her neck, poured petrol on her and set her ablaze.
 At the time P.M.NEWS got to the scene, the woman  had burnt completely.
Policemen from the Oke-Odo Police Station watched helplessly as the woman had already been burnt before they got to the scene.


“After the incident, I waited for her (Borno State First Lady), she did not come. I sent for her, she came. I asked questions, no answer. I asked her to come with the principal and parents; she did not turn up till today. To our greatest surprise, she sent a commissioner. The next thing I saw was women demonstrating. “No woman will fold her hands while her house is on fire. She is the mother of Borno. She is the mother of these children, I am their grandmother. She should be more concerned and come to her grandma. The police, army, WAEC, government officials came with a few of their own but no parent was present to tell us their child was kidnapped or among those who escaped. The mother of Borno is not concerned about what is happening, her children are (not) involved".

Monday, April 7, 2014

SPOTTED: 7 top Nigerian music stars from wealthy homes

A lot of our top music stars are from average homes who made something of themselves with their talent, hard work, started from the bottom with nothing and are today, rich and famous.
While some came from wealth, and didn't need to struggle as much but felt a need to make something of themselves instead of relying on daddy/mummy money. Meet seven of them below...

1. Davido: His father may be a billionaire businessman, his uncle may be a former governor of Osun state, but most of us didn't know the Adeleke family until Davido burst into the scene a few years ago. Davido's father is the chairman of Keplo Pacific Energy, a company into banking, steel, power and energy. Continue...

2. Naeto C: Naeto C could have chosen to be an executive director in one of his multi-millionaire parents' companies, but instead he chose to pursue his own dreams. Naeto C is the son of former Aviation Minister and former Ambassador to Ireland, Mrs Kema Chikwe. His father is a wealthy businessman.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Update: Japheth Omojuwa, Uche Briggs, others released

According to sources, Security officials have released popular blogger and youths activist Japheth Omojuwa, Uche Briggs and four others hours after they were arrested in Abuja for leading a protest over the deaths of 17 youths during the nationwide recruitment tests by the Nigeria Immigration Service.They were released around 8pm tonight, with their phones handed back to them. The police asked them to report back tomorrow morning. Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar also weighed in on the unlawful arrest...
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