Friday, August 31, 2012

Photos: Married Bank Manager’s Nude Photos To Secret Lover Surfaces On Internet.

What drives married couples to become unfaithful in their relationship? Moreso, if you look at the pictures closely, you will notice that the background looks like that of an office. If the woman is eventually identified, what becomes of her job? Her reputation? Forget about her marriage- it’s past tense except her husband is from Mars....
Apparently, this is a case of a love tale gone sour. The details are sketchy as to who released the photos but it certainly is not the woman at the centre of the storm which leaves her alleged lover as suspect. There is no justification for any man no matter the offence to release nudé photos of his ertswhile lover or girlfriend to the general public. She sent it to you in confidence and with the belief that it is meant FYEs only. If you have such photos in your possession, soft or hard copy after break-up, why not permanently delete or shred it instead of playing childish and stupid by releasing it online or elsewhere? What if that were your mother, sister or niece?
Ladies, beware! Stop sending nudé pictures of yourself to your boyfriend, lover or even keeping same on your phone or computer because you never know who might see it and decide to ‘expose’ or blackmail you at the slightest opportunity. A word they say, is sufficient for the wise.
Culled from Talk of Naija


  1. this is stupid and childish of whoever sent the pics

  2. This is really ridiculous. She deserves what she want. I pray that the husband will find out so that she can reap the fruit of her labour. Mtchewwwww. It is a shame to womanhood. What a disgusting image

  3. I wonder why some people are so crazy this technology age to the extent of taking their nude pics and/or even allow their stupid lover to take it forgetting the fact that if the relationship turns sour the pic will be exposed!


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