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Agony of A Woman | True Life Story

A person once said to me that he could make nothing of love,  except that it was friendship accidentally combined with desire. Whence I concluded that he had never been in love.
As my friend, I know you deserve the best at all times, hence,  sit back, relax take a cup of coffee and enjoy reading this TRUE LIFE STORY ...

Hello fellow Nigerians,
I understand this may come to some people as a surprise and to others it may seems like an angry wife venting all their laundry through social media. Whatever your feelings may be please keep an open mind and think about what it might be like if your own sister or family member was the one facing this kind of situation, what will you do? Remember l could be your sister, your mother, and or your relative.....
My name is Biola Bongus the wife of James Bongus, the current “Orilegidigba” local government chairman one of the South East State, in Nigeria. We have been married for 21yrs with three wonderful boys age 17, 11, and 8year old. Fourteen months ago my husband

James Bongus decided with my full support and blessings to run for Federal house of Representative under a well known political party in the state, he lost the election to another candidate from New york. But was appointed the local government chairman (Orilegidigba ) by the current Governor of the State
Since fourteen months now my husband (James) has abandoned me and our three boys without any prior disagreements or problems. I have tried numerous avenue to either speak to him directly about his obligations and or have his closest friends talk to him, every effort has failed. As of now our home has been foreclosed and he has not contributed towards the financial stability of his boys since he left for the election in November 2010.
I found out in the beginning of 2011through private investigation that James Bongus is now married to a 21yrs old lady called Uga Okota younger sister of Pirus I. Okota, l understand this young lady have a family members in Virginia that condoned her behavior. According to this younger lady's family in Virginia, James had told them that he has never been married or have any kids, which is a naive statement to make....... a 48yrs old Ibo man not married and no kids, are you kidding me???? What planet do this family thinks they are from? Throughout all this, l have tried to justify my husband's action/irresponsible behaviour by saying to myself men will be men and may be probably he is using this younger lady to release election tension in Naija. I guess it's more than releasing election tension, after drinking the milk James decided to buy the cow. If only the cow worth losing your family and life for.
I can't believe this weak, no backbone man is leaving me and our boys for this ugly joker looking face lady......what am l saying self, l forgot beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...hahaha. Men, seriously if you want to leave your wife and kids for a lady pleaseeeee make sure is worth it and not someone you have to serve for the rest of your life with her family.....shiooou! This husband of of mine thinks he can have his cake and eat it too. He kept me and some his families in the dark for so long until God exposed him to me.
As of now James Bongus is living with this lady in Owerri city as a married couple and are both expecting a baby anytime soon, it not a rumor but facts.
This evil heartless man (James) is not only committing an idolatry/bigamy, he has the nerves to ruined my credit here in the States by taking out a $40,000 loan on my name from JP morgan chase without my consent.....people who does that???? if it's not a criminal minded human being. James Bongus and his brothers Jakata and Aladin Bongus are bunch of 419s.
Furthermore, when James came back to the U.S in July 2011 for three weeks he wired $8,000 to this younger lady's account in Naija, l have all the evidence and he also purchased a $2000.00 wedding rings for her, when l confronted him in front of our pastor with all the evidence he have the nerves to say that it was for my birthday....negro are you for real?? Mind you people he never give me that ring. And he ran back to Nigeria without our knowledge’s.
The sad part was when he was sworn in as the local govt chairman, he refused the presences of me and the boys, l can't believe he used his brother's wife as a woman standing in my place. When people asked him where family is are he cooked up a story about how they will join him later. What a shame!
This stupid man (James Bongus) has a lucrative Home Healthcare business here in Chicago, he cannot even instruct his business partner to give his family money to support us instead he has the gut to use his younger brother Aladin to wire money to him in Naija every time and also he has been helping him shipping Mercedes Benz trucks to Nigeria for a present for his new fake wife, oh sorry concubine.
For the past fourteen months have tried to reason with this man, l can't keep this any longer and l just want all this to be in the open for everyone to know the true color of James Bongus.... this man is a chameleon.
James and his concubine called my mobile phone this afternoon Jan 24th 2012 from Nigeria to insult me. Maaannn James must be pussy wooped as one of my dear friend said. Huh!
My fellow Nigerians, if some of you on this forum thinks am venting......damn right skippy l am, 21yrs of married is not a joke. My kids and l deserved better than the way James is treating us is not fair. I thought wise people say charity begins at home. Watch out for people you are electing in Naija, that is why we are still in all those mess.
Thank you all for reading my open letter.

Mrs Biola Bongus

Afters: I will really like to have your comment on this please and advice for the Woman, she needs help.
Also Note that No Real Names were used in this open message.

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