Friday, May 11, 2012

UNCOMMON SITUATION! TIME Magazine Covers A Mom Breastfeeding Her 3-Year-Old Son!

Friends, Time magazine's latest cover issue is causing a huge stir on the 'net.
The controversial photo in question features a 26-year-old Jamie Lynn Grunett breastfeeding her 3-year-old son! The accompanying article features an expose on attachment parenting and what it means to be "mom enough".
Attachment parenting is an approach where moms breast-feed their children long past the months age and co-sleep with their children, in addition to wearing their children in slings.
Photographer Martin Schoeller shot Jamie and three other mothers who abide by the attachment parenting philosophy breastfeeding their toddlers.
Schoeller said, “When you think of breast-feeding, you think of mothers holding their children, which was impossible with some of these older kids,”  “I liked the idea of having the kids standing up to underline the point that this was an uncommon situation”.
This is definitely an uncommon situation! What's your view about this? or As woman can you breast-feed your baby for 3 years?

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