Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BBA STARGAME - Roki, Maneta and Junia Nakéd In The Jacuzzi

Roki strippéd down to the baré minimums during a steamy jacuzzi session with Junia and Maneta..Roki got a little too carried away in the jacuzzi this evening, after accepting an invitation extended by Junia and Maneta to join them in for an early evening dip.

The Zimbabwean Starmate decided to take his boxérs off and enjoy the warm jacuzzi in the nudé, leaving Maneta and Junia dumb founded. The girls protested loudly, but then both went on to feel Roki's privatés, probably spurred on by the cocktails they had polished off earlier in the day. Junia told Maneta "a hungry man is a hungry man and a hungry man is a dangerous man," and swiftly jumped out of the jacuzzi, leaving a nakéd Roki. 
Later, Maneta told everyone who cared to listen how solid Roki's member is. This is not the first time Maneta has touched Roki's crown jewels.Junia and Maneta seem to be getting on very well and have no doubt shaken sleepy Upville up just a tad.
By NgettyD / DStv Online

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