Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prostitutes Sell Sperms For Blood Money

Sex workers in parts of Accra who demand their patrons to wear condoms before any intercourse have now found a more commercial use for the sperms that collect in the rubber sheath.
They sell a condom of sperms for a fixed amount of GH¢ 25,000 to desperate ‘Sakawa boys’ who use the sperms for money rituals.
A sex worker in her mid-twenties, who gave her name as Fatima, spilled the beans to NEWS-ONE last Saturday and said that the development had now become a common practice from which some sex workers made their money.
She, however, declined ever being involved in the practice which she described as “wicked and satanic”, citing a personal experience she had with her 32-year-old cousin.
“Not long ago, my cousin got very sick. He was always writhing in pain, vomiting and defecating, and so in no time he grew very pale and so skinny he couldn’t be recognised.
We realised he had also lost his manhood and everything showed that he might die.
“So my uncles took him to see a powerful spiritualist in our hometown in the north.
It was there that the spiritualist performed some rituals and revealed that somebody had used my cousin’s sperm for money rituals,” she narrated.

Fatima, who plies her trade at nights at Sahara, behind the GCB Tower at Adabraka in Accra, added that even though the spiritualist was eventually able to heal her cousin, he occasionally complained of pains in his manhood.
“I am not a prostitute as you think of me. I’m only doing this because I just completed apprenticeship in hairdressing and I want to buy equipment to start my own hairdressing business,” she said after this reporter had given her GH¢5.
“I don’t want to take the GH¢25,000 and give somebody’s sperms to ‘Sakawa boys’ for their money rituals because I know the pain and travails that my cousin went through. More so, it is sheer wickedness and satanic to mortgage somebody’s manhood,” she added.
Fatima advised that if anyone patronised the services of a sex worker in Accra, that person “must be careful and insist on taking his used condom home. You never know who will sell it to Sakawa boys.” 

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