Friday, November 29, 2013

A Jealous Lover Smashed My New Car Windscreen - NOT TRUE - Debie Rise Of Nigerian Idol

Debbie Rise

Contrary to the reports making waves in some newspapers and blog site, Debie Rise Nigerian Idol car gift was not smashed by her lover rather it was a “Psycho” stalking her while she attended an event did that.
She was so furious that the interview she granted was misinterpreted.
When I read the news online and on newspaper, I contacted her and she said...
“My Car was smashed when I went for an event, but before then someone had been stalking me, requesting for my contact by all means. Initially I took him as a fan, later it occurred to me that he was just a Psycho!”
“I remember telling him off and he promised to get back. When I came out of the event I saw my wind screen smashed”
“ I reported the case… and the only person that I could think of was the stalker that claimed he wanted me and my contact and all…”
He was the suspect and was almost caught…but because the issue was lingering I had to fix it myself”

"Some people latter said they were fighting outside the event venue and that could have been the cause of the smashed windscreen"
And After that day I never saw the stalker again
"All I kept feeling was that he did look at the story being published and people’s comments
“I am so disgusted”

Debie Rise
Friends, I wonder why our press will always twist stories...

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