Tuesday, May 6, 2014


“After the incident, I waited for her (Borno State First Lady), she did not come. I sent for her, she came. I asked questions, no answer. I asked her to come with the principal and parents; she did not turn up till today. To our greatest surprise, she sent a commissioner. The next thing I saw was women demonstrating. “No woman will fold her hands while her house is on fire. She is the mother of Borno. She is the mother of these children, I am their grandmother. She should be more concerned and come to her grandma. The police, army, WAEC, government officials came with a few of their own but no parent was present to tell us their child was kidnapped or among those who escaped. The mother of Borno is not concerned about what is happening, her children are (not) involved".
“I don’t want anybody to reply or abuse me on the pages of newspapers. It is because we are pained and crying, that is why I am doing so. Why should I cry more than the bereaved? The world will ask me a question if I do. If after today, Borno people say we should not help them, don’t go to the street to demonstrate,” Mrs. Jonathan said. “You are playing games. Don’t use school children and women for demonstration again. Keep it to Borno, let it end there. Until you people are ready to cooperate.”

“By Sunday, we must have our children. If not, we will march to Borno State and ask the governor to give us our children. We will march to National Assembly to see the Senate President and will also march to see the President,” she said.
“Within three days, something will happen. We will get to the root of the matter. I don’t come out and go back empty. I have come out and something must happen..
“We will not fold our hands and see our children kidnapped, our husbands, sons, daughters also being killed. We should be more concerned.
“We will form a committee to call on appropriate persons to come and answer questions. They must answer us. If they say they won’t answer us, then they should go and bring our children. The demonstration will take place at their doorsteps.
“When they answer us, we can then approach our neighbours, the President, Senate President and others to help us.
“I have been dealing with this secretly but you have taken me to the market square. There is no more hiding.”
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