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Nigerian Men Who Are Fond Of Dating Older Women

It is the general belief that men should be older than their wives or in some cases of the same age with them.  African culture frowns at older women dating younger men. In this write-up we expose some men who are fond of dating older women, some old enough to be their mothers, and how they are going about such relationship. Enjoy…

He took the make-believe industry by storm with his Casanova role in a TV soap in the eighties and he happens to be the first actor to clinch a top political appointment as a commissioner, so he deserves a round of applause. And in the congregation of the gigolos, oh! he is an elder. Some blessed with details said he married his late first wife who was obviously older than him because of her wealth. After the death of the first wife, he married a young broadcaster who was then working with a private television. But prior to that time, he was having flings with the wife of a former Lagos State governor whose tenure ended the military-interregnum. What is left to be confirmed is if he has now relented in the act, but we doubt it.
He’s an actor who is known for his tough lover role in most films. Known for his American accent, this dude has virtually dated all the big girls in the industry. He was at a time said to be dating the daughter of a former vice-president. He also dated a radio presenter who later took her war with him to the air when he chose to end the relationship. At a time he was also accused of abandoning his father and siblings who they claimed live in abject poverty. At a point, he was romantically linked to a Jamaican babe. The dark-skinned, fiery-tempered actor, known for his knack for anything in skirts, has suddenly graduated from romancing young babes to older women. He was at a time said to be warming the bed of a popular bishop whose husband died years ago in the south-south, while he enjoyed material things in return. News filtered out when one of the sons of the respected bishop caught the actor pants down with his mother in his late father’s house. He has since then been linked with many older women.

This is a story of an actor in the Yoruba genre. Though he is versatile in his acting, he likes playing traditional roles such as a herbalist, and he is young, ranked to be at the age of 40. This Tapa-born dude from Kwara State got married years back to a much younger sultry lady. But it was a shock when news filtered out that the marriage crashed. Since then, many have been longing to know the latest in his marital life. However, in the course of trying to get an update on his marital life, we were reliably told that the actor has joined the league of guys dating older women in the country; a move some said might have destroyed his marriage as story has it that he was having an affair with an older woman speculated to be in her 50s. She is an hotelier around Ijaiye  Ojokoro area in Lagos. It was revealed that though she is married to one businessman, she is so in love with the actor to the extent that she satisfies him with whatever he wants.
He’s a fair skinned actor who had at one time hosted a television reality show for a beer manufacturing company. This tall and good looking former screen god who now sells sex toys is a toast of many ladies in town.;
It is therefore not a surprise that the fair skinned young man that comes from the eastern part of the country caught the eye of this very strong female politician from one of the south-south states in the country. Though he’s been said to have been from time having affairs with different big women in the society, it was his affair with the female politician who at a time was at the forefront of those clamouring for a certain set of people fighting another country from taking over the ownership of their land. This young man’s relationship with the very influential woman who had held elective and appointive political posts in the country in the past is an open secret to all in the society. Though the two hardly go out together, those in the know stated that the young man at a time lived in the woman’s Lagos home for some time before getting his own. Though the two have gone their separate ways, the guy is rumoured to be seeing another high brow woman but the two are keeping that a secret at the moment.
Invariably the very best music act of this generation, he has so many awards to his credit and he has a talent in the act of putting ladies in the family way. These, apart from the musical talent, made him a household name. He is a Nigerian music star that can feature in just anybody’s song, as he is also criticized for not being able to speak fluent English. He has under his belt endorsements for many local and multi-national companies, one of which is the advert he did for a beer making company, for which he was paid in foreign currency. This young man that hails from the middle belt area in the country was at a time said to be dating a very wealthy Ghanaian woman who in turn spoiled him silly with money and other material things. But the relationship may have crashed because of his flings with younger women , with him impregnating more than a couple of them.

Culled from: Global News (globalnewsnig)
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