Monday, March 12, 2012

A day to child’s wedding, Man escapes death

The Accident Scene
A man identified simply as Olatunji, looking forward to his child’s wedding on Saturday,  speedily drove through the Yidi Road, Ilorin, Kwara State, on his way to Asa Dam area of Geri Alimi to avoid traffic hold-up at Taiwo Road, to ensure that all arrangements were finalised before the wedding.
 But the unexpected happened...
An eyewitness, said he (Olatunji) was in a hurry and at full speed, overtook a truck belonging to a construction company working on the Customs Barrack Road, near New Yidi.
But a taxi that was moving at a slow speed was ahead of the truck and this made it difficult for Olatunji to come in between the truck and the taxi.
Olatunji apparently trying to save the precarious situation was said to have swerved to the first lane so that he could quickly overtake the truck, but was unlucky as the truck hit his black jeep,  at the rear from the driver’s side.
Learnt the Sports Utility Vehicle was said to have somersaulted, hit a street light, climbed the median and faced oncoming vehicles.
 The driver of the truck said "You can see how far the truck’s tyres dragged on the road trying to prevent the accident.  I tried my best possible but everything was caused by the impatience of the driver of the jeep,” 
Speed Kills be careful ...

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