Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Expect 236 days of heavy rainfall – Lagos

The Lagos State Government on Tuesday said residents of the state should prepare for at least 236 days of heavy rainfall in 2012, being the total period of rain predicted by experts.
The state government added that the intensity of the rainfall would be like that of 2011, recording 1,279mm of waters with marginal error of 50mm.
The Commissioner for the Environment, Tunji Bello, at a news briefing said the prediction was arrived at using the Seasonal Rainfall Predictions instrument, which was coordinated by the Nigeria Meteorological Agency. 
Bello said, “The natural phenomena that controlled 2011 rainfall are still in force and as such it has been predicted that rainfall will commence from Thursday, March 22, with a margin of error of four days. To a large extent we will agree that this prediction is true as the rains have started in Lagos.
“It has also been predicted that the end of the season for 2012 is November 12 with a margin of error of two days; with between November 10 and 14 as probable days.
“The total length of rainy season for the year is approximately put at 236 days with a margin of error of two days. Like last year, Lagos will experience heavy rainfall with serious intensity.”
Bello  assured residents that the government had designed programmes to manage the expected rain water and minimise flooding.
He said the massive clearing of drainages, dredging of primary and secondary channels, lining of many earth channels and the introduction of resident drainage maintenance officers in local councils in the state were parts of efforts by the government to cope with the rains.
Bello said, “But little can be achieved without the collaboration of Lagosians. No nation can promise a flood free state, only reduce it to barest minimum.
“We appeal that Lagosian should desist from indiscriminate dumping of refuse, drains around homes must be evacuated and building of structures on drainage alignments must stop.”

The commissioner explained that with the work done by the Ministry of the Environment, which he supervised, water on the road after every rain should not last for more than two to 24 hours.
He said in places where drainage constructions were going on, the contractors had been mandated to open up the channels when there was rain and cover them when it stops raining.
He said, “We are also advising that people who don’t have to be out during the rains to stay at home.”
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