Sunday, March 18, 2012

"I Am Seriously Searching For A Man" - Nollywood Actress

Nollywood actress, Ifeoma Okeke is seriously not having things as rosy as she would have expect, especially as it concerns her emotional needs...

The actress was recently quoted thus: 
"I have never felt inferior and will never do. All my friends are very free with me and I have never kept friends that are on the big size.

"They accept me the way. The only thing is that...
I am taller than most of them, but they are very slim girls and we like ourselves. 

"If they decide to wear their bumper shorts, I will wear mine too but the only thing is that I will never wear anything without bra. I have never felt inferior and I always love myself no matter where I go.

"Everybody don’t have to be slim and any man who loves big babe will never love a slim babe,so my man cannot fall in love with you and your man can never fall in love with me.

"I am not trying to say that men run after me because I have big boobs but the truth is that big boobs is really attractive and people do appreciate it in their various ways. Most men like big boobs but those who like it normal will not fall in love with me and vice versa.

"I am very single and seriously searching. I believe that the issue of marriage is left for God to take care of,
 but as a human I will say that I am seriously searching for a man".
 talk of naija

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