Sunday, March 18, 2012

INCREDIBLE: An Upside-down Home | Photos

Malaysia's first upside-down house brings a childhood fantasy to life.

An upside-down car is an everyday occurrence .
Finishing touches in the living room include a typewriter, coffee cup, soft drink,
even a cigarette in an ashtray
Incredible!!!, you'll say? When you were a child, did you spend time wondering what it would be like to walk on the ceiling? If so, you are probably among the millions who, even as adults, continue to be enchanted by the idea of an upside-down house.
Worldwide, there are a number of upside-down houses. Some offer almost an amusement park experience, but many exist simply to turn the everyday world on end.
Imagine walking down an ordinary street and coming upon an upended house balanced on a front gable. 
A wheelbarrow leans against a wall and a sedan is parked in the adjacent carport. All typical except they are upside down.
Inside, a TV, microwave, tables, chairs and sofas dangle above visitors who navigate the home’s ceilings, steering around light fixtures and ceiling fans. Playing cards and comic books strewn along the floor, a cigarette in an ashtray, make it seem as though the family has just left the room. Even the washing machine and sewing machine hang overhead. Literally everything in the 1,500-square-foot, two-bedroom home is topsy turvy (Upside Down). But in this house it is the visitors who feel they are ones turned on end.

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