Monday, March 26, 2012

Loud Noise, suspected to be Shot, Fired at The US Embassy In Abuja

US Embassy in Abuja
It was reported that there were controversies on the nature of sound heard around the vicinity of the United States’ Embassy in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja on Monday afternoon as some of those who heard the loud noise described it as a bomb blast, while others insisted the noise came from a firework set off from an undeveloped plot in the area.
The loud noise was said to have resulted in pandemonium and scampering for safety by those around the vicinity.
Loud Noise suspected to be shots were fired in the vicinity of the United States embassy in Abuja. The details were scant at the moment, but learnt that the Nigerian police had taken two individuals into custody.
It was gathered that, some itinerant traders in the vicinity confirmed the “explosion” at the area known as the Diplomatic Zone.

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