Saturday, March 31, 2012

Man Sets Self On Fire After Theft Accusation In Kaduna

A petroleum tanker driver has been reported to have committed suicide by setting himself ablaze after being accused of theft by his colleagues at a popular makeshift garage along the busy Zaria/Kaduna highway in Mararaban Jos on Tuesday. Eyewitnesses said the man, whose name is given as Muhammad Awwal, was involved in a misunderstanding in which he was accused of stealing a truck spare part.

“We all thought he was joking when he poured Kerosene on himself and threatened to light himself up if we do not stop accusing him of stealing,” said one eyewitness. “All of a sudden we saw him go up in flames and we did our best to put the fire off, but we could do little,” he added. “He later died while we were struggling to take him to hospital.

According to Nairaland, when contacted, Chairman of the Tanker Drivers Association, Alhaji Gambo on phone confirmed the incident.

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