Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SUICIDE MISSION: Man Climbs Telecoms Mast in Abuja, Threatening to Jump

 A man,  Mallam Inuwa, climbed a telecoms mast around 12 noon and threw a note down. In the note, he wrote that he climbed the mast because he wanted people to intervene in a dispute between him and former vice president - Atiku Abubakar, who he claimed owed him money.
The man had earlier brought a petition to the court seeking to see the Chief Judge but he was asked to take the petition to the Adamawa division of the court.
When the man’s efforts to see the Chief Judge failed, he sneaked to the back of the court where the mast was located and he started climbing.
The man climbed a telecoms mast and threatened to jump down and kill himself, just a few minutes after lodging a complaint and submitting a document at the court.
He said he wasn't going to come down until the IG of police himself showed up, but he was eventually persuaded to come down by staff of the National Emergency Management Agency, fire fighters and the police. I learnt he was taken into custody after he came down.
 It was reported that the media aide to Atiku, defended his principal saying “We honestly suspect that this man is mental, if there is one Nigerian who pays all his bills, that man is Atiku Abubakar. if the idea of his pole climbing is to get any money from the Turaki, this certainly is not the best way to go about It”.
“Left for me, I will say that the man should simply be ignored. He will climb down when he gets tired of staying up there” he added.
The Pictures above shows the Man at the top of the mast, Rescue workers trying to get the man to come down and After he climbs down from the mast .
My esteemed readers what's your view about this? Over to you wonderful my people...

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