Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WEIRD: Man Cut Off His Own Penis For Sale

Weird you'll say? It's alarming and is becoming a cause for concern for all, the rate at which some young men are willing to go in a bid to escape the excruciating poverty level in this part of the world.
The problem is compounded by syndicate from the advanced world who dangle huge sums of money before poor Africans in exchange for human body parts.
This tragic reality was re-enacted recently when a...
Malawian, Pilirani Lazaro severed his own testicles with a sharp knife in order to make "big" money. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't withstand the pains after the deed was done, hence he cried for help. “I feel pain all over my body,” he groaned.
As at the time of posting, doctors at the Kamuzu Central Hospital are keeping the genitals but, sadly, they say it could not be reattached.

Due to poverty, issues of cutting genitals for money have become very common in Malawi. Police sources say they recently arrested four people who attacked one Joseph Nyirenda to chop off his genitals with sharp knives.”

Private body parts of human beings are on a high demand by witchdoctors in the area and 'merchants' also sell the penis and testicles abroad where they fetch a lot of money.

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