Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"I’m a Tomboy, My Style is an Expression of Inner Self" | BOUQUI

Born Bukola Folayan to a Biochemistry professor and royal father, Oba Ololade Folayan and a mother, who is a professional teacher, Olori Esther, Bouqui, as she is popularly called, made wave when she released her rap album few years back. The ex-broadcaster with Eko FM started her musical career in an all-girl group called G-Vibes before she went solo. Her debut album, B.O.U.Q.U.I, was referred to as a two-in-one package as it contained a record breaking 14 tracks and four skits. Just back from a tour of Europe and America, where she had gone to promote her new album, Redefinitions, Bouqui speaks on her fashion.

WHAT is fashion to you?
It is what is in vogue, the trend in town. A lot of people think style is trend; no, it is not. It is rather who you are and the swag in you. It's not what you rock, but how you rock it that matters.

Uniqueness of style
It's just an expression of my inner self … carefree, easy going and comfort; however, comfort and modesty are my key.

Favourite colour
Pink and royal purple. Purple spells royalty.
Favourite piece of clothing
I’m a tomboy, so, I’m a jeans person, anytime.

Favourite designer(s)
I like many of them for different reasons. But I’m having an affair with Louis Vuitton now.
What would you not be caught wearing?
I’m far beyond all this baby walakolombo legging and skinny tops, especially leopard skin.
What would you consider as fashion faux pax?
Well, fashion like I said, is a trend, while the faux pax is a blunder committed while trying to follow such trend. All these big belts on gowns and blouses are trendy, but it doesn't fit all gowns. Stripes on stripes can be a huge turn-off as well.
Choice accessories
I love stones, diamonds and real gold.

Most expensive item ever bought
My wrist/phone watch and car.

How often do you improve on your wardrobe?
Every time I travel. I don't shop in Nigeria because, even, with your money, you can't get what you want.
What is your beauty routine like?
I am a strong advocate of simplicity; I wash my face with clean cold water before going to bed every night. Like I said, I don't like rubbing and creaming, especially before I sleep at night, so, I just keep it sweet with clean cold water.

Favourite signature perfume
Euphoria by Calvin Klein, it's fresh and classy. I also do Kim by Kim Kardeshian.
What would you consider sexy in both men and women?
Fresh breath, nice smell and no body odour. But most importantly good behaviour.

Wanna be my friend; make sure you are freaky neat. I love people with good intentions.
I hate hypocrites, liars and fake people at any level. I easily get pissed off with dirty people and unmade bed, can never lie in one.

Philosophy of life
Do to others as you would want them do to you.

What would you like to change in Nigeria, if given opportunity?
Our leadership, they need some real help. It’s so bad that we have lost our core values to corruption. We sing in our National Anthem ‘direct our noble cause’ without really understanding the phrase.

Credit: Daniel Anazia,  The Guardian

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