Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teacher suspended telling 7-year-old, she is too sexy for gym.

A substitute teacher in New Jersey has been suspended after being accused of telling a seven-year-old girl that she was "too sexy" to take gym.
Marco Inskip, a substitute physical education teacher at Charles L. Spragg Elementary School in Egg Harbor City, N.J., allegedly told a second grade student Monday that she was "too sexy" to take gym, according to John Gilly, Superintendent of the Egg Harbor City School District.
 The girl's father, Henry Wilson, has since filed a harassment complaint with the Egg Harbor City police.
The girl told teachers in the cafeteria after the incident that Inskip had made an inappropriate comment. When describing the comment at first, she was too embarrassed to say the word "sexy," Gilly said.

"She was upset when it happened," Wilson said. "She took it as a regular bad word. She didn't know if there was any context behind it. She was just upset that she was cursed out so to speak by a teacher."

The second grader was wearing school-appropriate clothing and has never had issues in school before, Wilson said.
"She's just a regular seven-year-old little girl," Wilson said.

When initially questioned, Inskip denied saying the student was "too sexy," Gilly said. He said he simply called her "cute." Inskip is now suspended from the district's substitute teaching list, Gilly said.
"He was a substitute and we saw how upset the parent was, and the child," Gilly said. "Even though he did admit that he said 'cute,' not 'sexy,' at this point it didn't matter."

"We decided to cut the losses, make the clean break, and say you are finished with us at this point in our school district."

Even though he is suspended from the Egg Harbor City School District, he can still substitute in other districts, Gilly said. But the criminal charges are now up to the courts, he said.

"If another school wants to hire him, that's fine," Wilson said. "I just want them to be aware that he made an inappropriate comment like this."
The district will review Inskip's case at the next Board of Education meeting in May, according to your Jewish news.

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