Wednesday, May 23, 2012

497 Abandoned Babies Rescued In Lagos

At least, 497 abandoned babies have been rescued from various streets in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, in the last one year by officials of the Lagos State Government.
Special Adviser to the Governor on Youth and Social Development, Dr. Dolapo Badru disclosed this Tuesday at a ministerial press conference in Lagos.
He said the babies were rescued after their mothers abandoned them as they did not want the children, adding that the babies were taken to various government homes and private orphanages.
With this large number of rescued babies, the rate at which mothers dumped their new born babies has increased in Lagos State.
On adoption and fostering service, Badru said “adoption is a process of establishing legal parentage of a child in need of permanent home in a loving environment. The child might have been abandoned, or an orphan in need of a permanent home.
“Suitable persons by legal means acquire parental claim over certain categories of children with/without blood relationship. It could either be local, international or relative adoption; while fostering is the placement of children in need of care or protection in the hands of fit persons by means of a fostering order,” he explained.
“This office also registers and monitors the activities of orphanage homes and related non governmental organisations (NGOs). From June 2011 to date, 753 applications were received from prospective adopters out of which 709 were local and 24 international. Seven applications were received for relative while 9 were received for fostering.

“Prospective adopters were screened in order to determine their suitability for adopting children while 82 children were released for adoption and 85 were legalized through juvenile courts. 308 letters of approval were granted,” he stated. According to PM News

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