Friday, May 4, 2012

Man arrested for stealing from accident victim.

Kendrick Floyd arrested for stealing from accident victim lying on the ground.
As if being in a car accident wasn't bad enough, a local man became a victim again when he was laying on the ground after the accident, someone walked up and stole his wallet and phone.
It was an off-duty corrections officer who saved the day.
Hudson County corrections officer Michael Chess puts it this way. He says some people choose their careers, but he likes to think this career chose him.
The incident took place on Bayview Avenue in Jersey City on Wednesday.
"In 17 years I've seen some bizarre things but this is one of the craziest things," he said.
It started when two cars collided, a maroon car flipped over and a 35-year-old man from Queens was trapped inside. Officer Chess and a couple of other people raced over to help him.
"The driver of the vehicle that was flipped, kept asking me for all his personal items, his
phone and wallet, but I heard the crowd saying, he has it! He has it," he adds.

He meaning 24-year-old Kendrick Floyd. Floyd allegedly doing the unthinkable, stealing the crash victim's belongings from him in the car right after the accident.
Officer Chess recognized Floyd from time he had done in the jail system. He caught up to him and recovered some of the items.
Also according to your Jewish news, authorities say Kendrick Floyd has already done time in jail for theft, but also, for resisting arrest and drug charges.


  1. how can ppl be so wicked. if d person his he brother or sister will he do that? what is this world turning to. nawaoo


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