Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pastor Caught Trying To Use His Aged Mother For Rituals

Can you imagine this? Pastor-Ritual, what a man of God rather god, abi?
Residents of Agboku, a community in the Ado -Odo Local Government area of Ogun State were thrown into confusion and pandemonium on Thursday, 13th April , when news filtered out about the kidnap of a 70- year-old-woman, madam Aduke Karimu Sawo.  The kidnappers were believed to be money ritualists. But what alarmed people of Agboku was that they were allegedly sent by Pastor Rafiu Sawo, the biological son of the woman.

Born a Muslim 35 years ago, Rafiu Sawo is now a Christian and was the founder of Celestial Church of Christ, [Oke itura Parish,] Owode, Ogun state, which he shepherds. The old woman was reportedly kidnapped and taken far away on a chartered motorcycle popularly called Okada to a thick forest, near Ayede village where her throat was slashed with knife. Taken for dead, she was then covered with raffia leaves and dumped by the bush path. Her assailants thereafter took leave of 'the corpse' to put a call across to Pastor Sawo to come over and sever the head as required for the money ritual .Unknown to them, Madam Aduke was still alive and she escaped to safely before they came for her.Recounting her ordeals and narrow escape , she told our reporter in a private clinic at Ado Odo, where she is still recuperating, that it was God that saved her.Telling her strange-but-true story, she said: "My name is Aduke, my husband's name is Sawo, now late. I am about seventy years old. I have five children, namely, Wahab, Silifat, Iyabode, Rashidat, and the one in question now is Rafiu.

Since my husband passed on, I have been charged with the responsibility of sending then to school and looking after their welfare.I suffered untold hardships and did all kinds of odd jobs to take care of myself and the children before old ages started catching up with me."Madam Aduke, who looked frail on the hospital stretcher stated further that, "some times I fetched water from the Ado-Odo streams to houses for a token in order to make ends meet. Also, I sold different herbs cut in the bush.
My other children are contend with this simple life and they assist me in my old age, Rafiu, who is the fourth in the family has always been the black sheep among them all. Like the prodigal son, Rafiu ran away to Ajangbadi, in the outskirts of Lagos where he stayed for close to three years, in the company of some friends of questionable character. I warned him to avoid the company of all bad friends to no avail.""Last week, we were planning for a burial ceremony. I was here in Ado-Odo with one of my daughters who had just given birth to a set of twins. Rafiu came here in the company of some of his friends.
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