Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Terry G out with new single, SEE GROOVE!

Hey! Terry G's fans, wake up, the Akpako Master, is back with a new single titled, 
See Groove.
Unlike the regular Terry’s style of hot and fast beats, he goes with a more hip-hop thing, a move capable of sending his fans asking for more, like Oliver twist.
As the title suggests, See Groove opens with a grooving beat accompanied with the sound of a jingled bell, "gbagannn..." Terry G, then comes in with his usual ‘razz’- slangy lines while a background  voice repeats the ‘nah nah nah’ rhyme.
“…baby girl show me that you’re beautiful…who get this big y*sh…oya baby wyn am o…oya ka lo tunle se…baby show me ur ginger style”, it goes on and on.
In all,  it’s a hit, produced by the Terry’s House of Ginger.

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