Monday, May 7, 2012

Woman spends $30,000 of her pension to look young again.

When most people ­retire, they look forward to travelling the world, starting a new hobby, or putting their feet up for a well-earned rest.
Not Linda Owen. She wanted to be a brand-new woman. So she blew $30,000 of her pension on an extreme makeover.
Former teacher Linda, 62, had every procedure imaginable – including a gastric band to help her lose an amazing nine stone, a facelift, surgery on her “bingo wings” and teeth whitening.
As our before and after ­pictures show, Linda looks 15 years ­younger... and says she couldn’t be happier with the results.
“I looked like a grey-haired old pensioner when I retired from teaching,” said Linda. “Now I look so much younger... when I look in the mirror I don’t even recognise myself.
“It’s like looking at someone else.
 “When I saw my doctor he says I’ve added 15 years to my life by losing weight. And I look about 15 years younger too.”
Divorced Linda spent 35 years teaching second­ary school pupils maths. The stress of the job and long hours took its toll.
Her weight ballooned to 22 stone and she was a hefty Size 24. It meant simply walking to the end of the road was becoming hard work.

Linda had always hoped to go on a round-the-world cruise after she retired, but the last time she went on holiday she felt humiliated when she couldn’t fit into an aircraft seat.
So she underwent a £8,000 gastric band ­operation at a clinic in London in March 2008.
After the surgery she could only eat blended foods, then small meals. The pounds simply dropped off.
“I’d tried every diet ­under the sun for many years, and I just could never shift the weight,” she said. “Anything that I managed to lose, it soon piled back on again.
“I just couldn’t stop ­eating my favourite bacon sandwiches, curries and cheeseburgers.
“But after I had the surgery I was thrilled when the weight started falling off me.
“I just didn’t want the fatty foods any more that I used to love.
“As my weight ­reduced, I felt so much better and had loads more ­energy.”
Delighted with her slimmed-down frame, Linda decided that she wanted more surgery to transform her look.
She said: “I’d had lots of excess skin left over from losing all the weight, so I wanted to get rid of that.
“While most people in their retirement would have spent their time gardening I was determined on ­improving my body.”
So Linda had a £6,500 facelift in ­August 2009, followed by a £4,000 ­operation for an armlift in February 2010.
Recently she also treated herself to a teeth whitening treatment and had permanent eyeliner applied, at a further cost of £1,150.
She now weighs 12st 12lb, and has dropped from a Size 22 to a Size 16.
She said: “Straight after the facelift I looked in the mirror and I was horrified.
“I had stitches all across my head and I looked I’d been in the boxing ring. But when the bruises faded, I was absolutely thrilled. I felt ­absolutely fantastic when I’d had all the surgery done.
“When I look at myself in the mirror I don’t recognise myself as the overweight, grey-haired pensioner that I used to be.” Neither do Linda’s former pupils. When she passes them in the street in her home town of Waterlooville, Hants, they don’t recognise her. Linda said: “I’ve walked past former pupils that I taught for years, and they just don’t know it’s me.
“I’m thrilled they don’t. It shows what a good job I’ve done with my body. I may have ­waited until I’m a pensioner to improve my body, but it’s been worth every ­penny.
“I’ve got so much more energy now than I ever had... and I’m now really enjoying my
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