Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Butcher's heavy chopping tool (Meat cleavers) are used to help skin and muscles relax.

Imagine this! Someone striking "Obe Alapata" on your nose and head... In China many things in their culture are done for health benefit including being beaten with a meat cleaver.
A Chinese “doctor” claims that tapping the sharp edge of a knife on the skin makes the skin and muscles relax.
According to reports, the Huayuan Street night market in Hsinchu, northern Taiwan, promoted this healing method. This "therapy" attracts a large number of observers in the same way a circus spectacular act does. This treatment is simple and straightforward. The "doctor" takes a meat cleavers and hits the patient with the sharp edge.

The local mayor of Hsinchu, tried the therapy and he liked it he said that he felt good after treatment. Others have said that this technique left a strange feeling but it is not as painful as the traditional practice of Gua Sha. In the latter procedure, the patient's skin is scraped with a spoon or similar instrument. or  moxibustion therapy  also known as suction cups in which suction is applied locally, which is said to assist blood flow.
However strange it may seem, the meat cleaver therapy treatment is considered a legal form of alternative medicine.

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