Monday, June 25, 2012

Gay activist flip their finger at President Reagan in the White House.

Gay activists flipping the bird at President Reagan in the White House.
The Internet is buzzing today about a recent trip activists of the gay rights movement to the White House. A few activists took photographs of themselves "flipping the bird" to a portrait of Ronald Reagan.
 According to your Jewish news, one of them even wrote "Reagan f& k%" on his Facebook page. Apparently they do not realize that Reagan did more for gay rights than any other president. Moreover, Reagan campaigned in favor of gay rights even before he was president at great personal risk to his political career in the future.Presumably, the trip was to meet with the Administration on the approval of Obama in bold in the current situation on gay marriage. Obama made headlines by saying that while he personally supports gay marriage, he thinks that some states should have the right to ban it.
 Gay activists, of course, are leftists first, so have applauded this stance-it-both-ways. These activists would do well to read up on some history and see what real leadership looks like.

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