Monday, July 23, 2012

INCREDIBLE: Man Living in a Very Tiny House (1 square meter house) - VIDEO

Wonders shall never end, huuummm! friends, imagine living in a house as small as 1 square  meter house, that's the size of one asbestos you know?
According to reports, there now exists in the world a house that measures one square meter. The aptly named One-Sqm-House was designed and conceived by Berlin-based architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel as a place where "no one other than I, myself, can decide what happens with this one square meter of mine in the world. It's the only square meter in the world where I can decide what direction the window looks in, what direction the door opens in, what neighbors I have."
 Also learnt the house is actually for rent as well, so for those who would like to rent one out, One-Sqm-House is currently listed on Airbnb for €1 ($1.30) a night, but when the experiment closes July 29, the builders can come back and retrieve their creations.
 What's your view about this new house?
Watch Video Below:

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