Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OMG: Man cooks his own genitals and serves it to 5 others.

Sugiyama Mao cut his penis cooked it and served it to 5 people.
The Tokyo police are investigating whether a man who cooked his own cut off genitals and served it to five diners who paid him committed a crime, the force said on Tuesday.
Sugiyama Mao had his penis and testicles surgically removed in March and kept them frozen for two months before cooking them in a public ceremony in May.
The guests each paid 20,000 yen or $250 for one serving.
The police investigation came after the mayor of Suginami Ward, Tokyo district where the event took place, said he had attended the display of obscene objects.

"Many residents of Suginami, and elsewhere have expressed a feeling of discomfort and the feeling of fear about this," said Mayor Ryo Tanaka in a statement Monday.
A police spokeswoman in Tokyo acknowledged the complaint but declined to give details, citing "an ongoing investigation."

Also according to your Jewish news, Sugiyama, a painter of some 20 years which is defined as "asexual", did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
In an email to the news media in May, it was confirmed that the event had taken place and said that was organized to raise awareness of "sexual minorities, gender-x, asexual people."
In tweets on May 18, the artist said he took steps to make sure that the event met all laws, including a ban on the sale of organs, treatment of medical waste and even the requirements of food hygiene.
Sugiyama said his genitals had been removed by a doctor and certified free of infection.

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