Friday, July 13, 2012

Severely tortured dog with big swollen tongue found.

How can a person be so cruel to an innocent dog? A dog was found with electric tape around the tongue that caused the tongue to get extremely swollen.
Pictures show the horrific abuse suffered by Hope, a stray dog, which was found with the mouth covered with electric tape and its tongue sticking out.
Veterinarians said the tongue had been exposed at least 24 hours and was so swollen that most will need to be removed.
Deep wounds covered his body, some deep enough to cause muscle damage, taking 100 stitches to close the wounds.
The dog, a pug-mix was first seen on Baker Road in Weatherford, Texas, where extreme temperatures have soared above 90 degrees.
She was clearly terrified and turning in pain, after being savagely beaten and tortured.
Someone had ripped her tongue before wrapping duct tape around her mouth.
Her condition was reported to Animal Control and then it took several hours by a team of officers from horseback riding, and about 10 neighbors to find and rescue her.
She was taken to the animal unit Bowie, where the staff treated her wounds and in shock named her Hope.
Electric tape was removed and sent to a crime lab for analysis, hoping that perhaps it will lead police to find the one that carried out the abuse.
A feverish and dehydrated Hope could not eat or drink, because of the damage done to the tongue.
After removing the tongue, vets said they expect her to start eating and drinking on her own.

according to your Jewish news.

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