Monday, August 6, 2012

Couple married again after being divorced for 48 years.

Roland Davis and Lena Henderson 85, married again after being divorced for 48 years.
A husband and wife fell out of love and divorced in 1964. Both of them moved on with their lives and married other people.
They hadn’t seen each other face-to-face since splitting up in 1964, though kept up with each other's lives through the children.

Roland Davis and Lena Henderson who are now 85, met as teens in Chattanooga, Tennessee, they got married and settled in New York were they had four children. The couple divorced after being together for 20 years, both of them went on to marry others.
In January Roland Davis was widowed after his second wife passed away. Since then, his oldest daughter Johnnie Mae Funderbirk, urged her father to return to New York from Colorado were he lived with his second wife for many years. 
Lena Henderson was also widowed after her second husband passed away.
After they were both widowed and lonely, they rekindled their relationship that had ended 48 years ago and found that they still deeply care for each other.

"You never forget someone that you loved at one time in your life,” said Davis. Mr. Davis proposed to Mrs. Henderson, over the phone on Easter and she accepted. 
 “We are all so excited. We're like little children again," said their daughter Renita Chadwick, who is a grandmother herself.
Their wedding will be held at a church in Buffalo, New York, followed by a reception at a local restaurant according to your Jewish news.

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