Thursday, August 9, 2012

Man pretending to be blind falls into a ditch and dies

Sadly some people will do anything for attention, as in this tragic story of one lonely man’s life.

Geoffrey Haywood, was a lonely 65-year-old bachelor, the only person he could turn to for a listening ear was his mother. As any loyal mother would do, she listened to him and comforted him.

But when his mother passed away Haywood was devastated and even felt more isolated than ever. He began looking for a way to get people to pity him and take interest in him. Haywood came up with a solution, he pretended to be blind. He literally lived as a blind man. He walked with a walking stick and he had people take care for him, but eye doctors found nothing wrong with Haywood's sight.
His brother said, “Geoffrey had psychological blindness which started after our mother’s death.
When I would put Christmas dinner in front of him, he would ask "where's mine?" But if someone dropped money in front of him he would pick it up right away”.
One day while Haywood was going for a walk he fell into a ditch about 150 yards from his home.

“Either he didn't see or didn't want to see the ditch filled with water, where he slipped and drowned. I've been doing this for more than 30 years and I have never seen a case as unique as this, someone convincing themselves they can’t see," said Coroner David Bowen.
The death was ruled a accident according to your Jewish news.

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