Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mother kills her baby because he was crying

Afriyie Gaspard, arrested for killing her baby
Wonders shall never end...A mother snapped after her baby wouldn’t stop crying, so she killed him.

A New York mother was arrested Monday on charges that she strangled her two year old son to death because he did not stop crying.
Afriyie Gaspard, 29, allegedly strangled her son Izayah Hall, because he was kicking and screaming at her home in Fresh Meadows, Queens, according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. Once he stopped crying, Gaspard allegedly left him in bed for 45 minutes before calling 911.
Police in New York said she was notified by the coroner that they found multiple neck injuries to the baby. Police arrested Gaspard, and her five other children were placed in the Administration for Children's Services. According to the agency, which said it was also investigating the death, but did not elaborate.
According to your Jewish news, a spokesman for the coroner's office said the exact cause of death was still under investigation, and said that the death had been ruled a homicide, contrary to the assertion that the police had earlier.
Gaspard’s sister, Stephanie, told reporters she does not believe the alleged confession of her younger sister.
"She loved her children and would never do anything to hurt them," said Stephanie Gaspard, 32. She lives in the same apartment building of her sister.
Gaspard was awaiting arraignment. She faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted of murder, the most serious of the charges she faces.

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