Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"My 11 Year-Old Marriage Crashed, because I Stopped Licking My Wife's Private Part."

A 66 -year old retiree, Michael Adesanya Agboola, has said that he fell apart with his ex-wife, Funke Alasiri because he stopped licking her private part. But, his estranged wife has denied the allegation.
Agboola, whose 11-year old marriage to Funke was dissolved by the Agege Grade ‘A’ Customary Court, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, added that when he demanded an explanation for her unusual request, she told him it was the vogue among couples and that he must do it to satisfy her.
The Osun State-born driver who also claims his ex- wife forcibly evicted him from a bungalow he built on 26, Apode Street, Ojodu, Lagos, about four years ago in order to inherit it, said further that it is high time he challenged her in the open over the ownership of the house because of his futile attempts to get justice at the Lagos State Citizens Mediation Centre which he said declined to act on the matter for no clear reason.
“We started having problems because of her violent attitude and messy request for sex all the time. She was making sickening requests, asking me to lick her private part, which I did on several occasions. I never knew she applied juju on her private part to hypnotise me, because no sooner did I start licking her private part than I completely abandoned my first wife and four children.
“At a point, I warned her never to ask me for oral sex again. But one day, I was dressed for work when she rushed at me, begging me to come and suck her private part. It was then that I regained my consciousness and left her to marry another woman who has a child for me.”

He said:”I met her in 1997 during a visit to my dry cleaner in the neighbourhood. I saw her hawking clothes and bought two T-shirts from her. On getting home, my twin sons said I should buy them T-shirts too. The same day, I went back to my dry cleaner, who took me to Funke’s house.”
Agboola alleged that a few months later, he bought for her a plot of land foN650,000 on which she built a bungalow consisting of seven mini-flats and a shop.
“She told me that she would make three requests and that I should prepare for a showdown if I did not grant one of them. One, that I must divorce my eldest wife. Two, that I should give her permission to adopt a child. Three, that I should share my property with her because she feared that she might never get anything from my will if I died.
“I turned down the requests and queried her for wanting to adopt a child when I was not complaining about her childlessness. Moreover, she had two children from her previous marriage. It was at this point that she threatened to use the police to deal with me for rejecting her requests, and she boasted she would take over my property while I am still alive for being an ungrateful husband.
However,  Mrs. Funke Alasiri dismissed her ex-husband’s allegations describing them as rubbish and unfounded.
Her words:”When we went to Agege Customary Court where he  filed for a divorce suit, he mentioned the same thing, that I demanded for oral sex by asking him to lick my private part. He was rebuked by the President of the court.”
 Original Title: Oral Sex Crashes 11-Year Old Marriage
Credit Jamiu Yisa Culled from PM New, Nigeria  

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