Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rihanna nude from the waist down in new Twitter photos - Viewers' Discretion Advised

Though it seems theoretically impossible, Rihanna somehow manages to get nakeder and nakeder in her ever-growing collection of racy Twitter photos. The latest snaps feature the sexy singer completely nude except for a lacy black bra and some sort of furry hoodie thing. The two pictures were tweeted by photographer and Rihanna pal Melissa Forde and were touted by her as a preview for a new photo shoot. The photo above was accompanied by the tweet, “Sneak peak new photoshoot” and this next one had the caption, “Who needs fashion when there’s pu$$y”

I have to confess these photos do make an argument for discarding fashion altogether. Perhaps Rihanna is launching a new line of red wine? Pinot Grihanna maybe These photos sure have me feeling mighty thirsty! On a side note, Rihanna’s nekkid joy might be spoiled as soon as she finds out how little former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham thinks of her! Farrah was sharing her impressions of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last week, which turned from fawning positiveness to utter distaste during Rihanna’s performance. “Downer Rihanna singing @ #VSFashionshow that just made the show cheaper, why isn’t she wearing diamonds?” Farrah tweeted. I’m guessing Farrah would have similar comments about these pictures.
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