Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beware! - Female fruit vendor caught sprinkling urine on her fruits

A fruit vendor is losing business after her unsanitary behavior became known to the public. The fruit vendor in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is making headlines after she was seen sprinkling her own urine on fruit, which she sells to the public. The vendor sells fruit at the Renkini Bus terminal, where many people pass each day. Her disgusting actions became known when other vendors saw her squat and pee into a container. She then sprinkled the urine from the container onto the fruits, mainly apples and bananas.
When contacted for comment, the vendor would not confirm or deny the allegations, but said that she heard people talking about the incident. One customer said that he had been buying fruit from the woman for a while and he is angry that his family has been eating contaminated fruits.

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