Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Man turned into a celebrity after becoming addicted to attend funerals

According to your Jewish news online, while most people would rather not attend a funeral, one man became addicted to attend funerals. For the past 30 years, Luis Squarisi, 42, from Batatais, Brazil, has gone to almost every funeral in his small town. In 1983, his father passed away. Since his father was buried, Squarisi began going to as many funerals as he could. Every morning, the man turns on the radio to hear if anyone has died the night before. He also calls hospitals and funeral homes to find out if anyone passed away. Squarisi then finds out when the person will be buried and attends their funeral. His addiction made ​​him quit his job so he has more time to crash funerals. Seems like local people don’t mind him attending their loved ones’ funeral. “Everyone expects to see him at the funerals. He became famous,” A funeral home spokesperson said.
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