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My Most Embarrassing Moment – Tiwa Savage

Without doubt, she is one of the hottest female artistes in Nigeria who has been making waves across the nation. She is so adored by Nigerian musicians that many people rate her as the best for the last decade. Savage, as she is fondly called, is hot. Though born in Lagos, Nigeria, she was however, brought up in the UK, where she developed her interest in entertainment. Now back to Nigeria, she will be the new host of Idol Nigeria. The beautiful and sexy artiste bared it all in this exclusive interview with Ajibade Alabi on her career and a lot of other issues. Enjoy the read!
How did you come into music?
Actually, it started when I was in high school. You know what - I got into music accidentally. I had a crush on one guy, and he was into music.He insisted I had to be interested in what he was interested in, so he discovered the talent in me. He told I had a very good voice.
You have only  been in the scene for a few months, and you have  really achieved a lot of success already; how did you do it?
I think, first and foremost, it is God. I thank God for the blessing of my life. I also have a very great team and amazing combative artiste manager, who does a lot of things for me. I also have a good PR manager; she has made me appear in many, many international magazines.
In all, I think I have a very, very united team. I think the success I recorded so far is not all about me, but the individual contributions of everyone in my team.
Many people might not know this, but I do: you are a song writer, and you are connected with so-publishing; how did you do this? And who have you written songs for so far?
I am actually a presenter - with Sonny, E.T.V, to be precise, as a song writer like you said. I had once written songs for artistes like Baby Face, Monical, Mayer featuring, Cathy line featuring Akon, and one of the albums I actually worked with was nominated for Grammy Award
Tell me five things about yourself
I am a co-presenter on Nigeria  Idol; I cook very well; I don’t like chopping, and I don't like makeup really. And let me see the last thing, I love being at home, but with the nature of my job, I got to go out; I ve got to go out to clubs, you know.
What is your take on Nigeria music industry?
I think it is amazing, honestly, considering the limited resources we have, infrastructure, and so on, and we are still be able to produce quality video, music,  and our artistes are actually talented. I think it is growing very, very fast. My only worry is if we can keep the rate it is growing, I mean, how quickly it is growing.
And another thing is if we can really tackle and get rid of pirates so that our artistes can get well paid like they should. I love Nigeria entertainment. Nigeria musicians are doing a good job.
You are the most sought after female artiste in Nigeria right now; how do you manage your new attain status?
I don't know if I am the most sought after female artiste in Nigeria. I think we all have our place, definitely. But for me, it is not easy to be in the public eye; everything you do is scrutinized, because everything you do will always in the news - your hair style, earrings,  even make-up, your clothes, how you walk on the red carpet, how you perform, someone sees you at Shoprite and he will stare . So it is not all about my music anymore. 
When I go on stage,  people watch my every  move, so I thank God because I really have the great  support of my family. My crew is also like my family now; they all support me to reach where I am now.
What's the one common misconception people have about you?
They think I am a snub, which is not true; it is far from the case. When I am on stage, when I am performing or when I am singing, I always enjoy the glamour, apart from that  I am a very quiet person, I can't say I am shy; I am just cool and humble, and people don't really get to know about the real me. People who don’t know always think I am beefier.
Any embarrassing moment on or off the stage?
Yes, that happened during my very first performance in Nigeria when I was to perform with TuFace in Eko Hotel, and the front zip of my front clothes wore out when I was walking on the stage. 
And I knew no one then, so at the back stage we had Banky, MI, Tu Face and some other artistes, and I turned around and they were all looking at me. I was oh! my God! I was so embarrassed I had to run back off the stage, but they all encouraged me. They were all saying, no, no, you can still performe, you can still do it; so I got another dress.
Is Tiwa Savage single or in a relationship?
I'm all the above: I'm single and in a relationship.

You Have a Host of dedicated Fans, how does u handle them? And has any1 of them taken Extreme Measures to get your attention
I handle them with all respect they deserved; because those fan without them we artistes are nothing. But there I have this fan following me to different three shows. I saw him in Abuja; I was so touch, seeing him followed me to different shows across the country.
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