Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Man Crashes Ferrari to Save Animal

Imagine yourself driving a Ferrari and a small animal stray on your way, what will you do?...Read this...

The Daily Mail reports 53-year-old Joerg  Daecher was driving home in his $135,000 Ferrari Testarossa when a hedgehog stepped onto the road in front of him. Rather than add the little creature to the long list of furry animals to become roadkill, Daecher swerved his car off the road and into the nature-lovers hall of fame.
The car slammed into a barrier, causing over $47,000 in damage. Both the driver and hedgehog walked away from the kerfuffle unharmed. This accident joins other high-profile supercar crashes, including a 2011 pileup in Japan that may just be the most expensive fender bender in history. The $4 million dollar wreck inspired such awe that the good folks at Jalopnik crafted a fascinating deconstruction of the crash. 
Culled from Yahoo News

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