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REVEALED: Singer, G-Lory's Secret… Edgy, classy sassy & irresistible

ONE of Nigeria’s R&B and pop artistes, Glory Bosnjak, popularly called G-Lory, over the years, has created a unique, yet stylish look, which can be a daunting task for a woman, especially if she wants to be a leader and not trend follower.
The mother of two, who is married to a Swiss, and also runs the very popular Hair Diva shop at Lekki, Lagos, has proved to be one of Nigeria's most stylish women. Her style secret?
Rock it like G-Lory:
Edgy yet sexy

Edgy styles are bold, daring and simply irresistible. Embracing unique trends and original fashion designs are key elements for creating such an iconic look.
However, creating an edgy look or style is not just about what you wear, but how you wear it. Glory's style is indeed unique. She says, "it is different; edgy, classy, sexy, sassy and very adventurous."

Buy what you like
From bustier to bright blocks of colours, you are confronted with the top edgy fashion styles of the year. She reveals, "I can't really say I have one favourite clothe, I usually buy what I like, and what looks great on me, something that best portrays my creativity and style.”
G-Lory adds, “my newest craze item? Huuh! La Roxx Hollywood — Corset designed by my friend La Roxx from Los Angeles. I love it right now. It is a customised handmade rock star jackets and many more for artists such as Cee Lo Green, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj for stage and red carpet stand out.”You got to have the attitude
It all comes down to how it is all pieced together. Remember, when you are rocking an edgy fashion style, attitude is a must!

Colour me girlie
Oh, I love orange and gold normally if I want to be girlie; but mostly, Black leather if I want to go fierce on stage,” she says. 
LA ROXX rocks
Glory's favourite designer is LA Roxx Hollywood. She discloses, "as an artist, they bring out the artistic part of me on the cloths they design for me, which isn't far from my character in reality, I want to own their workshop, so, I can dress up every day like a rock star."

Accessory designer it is

Glory is one damsel that knows how to choose the right complimentary accessories that indeed take her look to a whole other level. In fact, many-a-times, accessories and hairstyles alone create edgy style or look regardless of the fashion pieces being worn.  When it comes to accessory designer, she loves LA Roxx Hollywood and Denrele. She says, "I have something in common with our love for leather metallic spikes hmmm!... fierce.  You need guts to wear these futuristic spikes. It gives my outfit an edge."

Wow the red carpet
"I love red carpet events; everyone always looking amazing; fashion in Nigeria has gone sky rocket. Choosing an outfit for an event is never easy. We all know that.  It takes me hours to get dressed, I never plan ahead of time, because I might end up not wearing the outfit planned for the occasion, so, I wait till the last minutes, and I get it right. Even if I don't, I wear it anyway."
Like the Queen, be a red carpet diva
For her red carpet looks, the pretty fashionista advises, "first, make sure your hair and nails are right on point, choosing an outfit comes easy followed by the shoes, whatever your cup of tea is, just make sure you carry yourself like a diva on a red carpet, you can never go wrong."
Be a shopaholic
"Wow, I love shopping; if shopping is a sickness, then I have the bug because I’m a shopaholic. I like shopping in Dubai, Los Angeles, London and Milan. I buy what suits my bootilicious lush," she reveals. 
Be healthy
To get a perfect shape like Glory, then you have to "eat healthy, never miss the breakfast.  I run once or twice a week and do loads of sit-ups every morning and drink lots of water. I dance and have at least one hour of silence daily." Clarins is it
The multi-talented artiste uses Clarins products, which give her skin a very smooth and flawless look.  
Louboutin is kingly 
Her most cherish fashion piece is? "My Christian Louboutin shoe and LA Roxx Corset Goddess Dress," she enthuses.  
It all matters
Believe it or not, Glory’s voice is not only one of her most cherished possession but her favourite accessory. She says, "my voice, leather and metallic spike."
Actual Title: "Rock it like G-Lory... Edgy, classy sassy & irresistible "
Credit Oyindamola Lawal, Culled from The Guardian

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