Wednesday, July 11, 2012

5 men dressed as police officers kidnap and rape woman.

These days when you see police officers it doesn’t necessarily mean they are real police officers. You may try to ask some technical questions, identity card, etc to verify if a police officer is real or fake.
According to your Jewish news, five men posing as detectives kidnapped a woman and led her to the industrial area and joined other men in raping her, the local news media reported.
Sharjah Police said they arrested one of them and are taking steps to seize the remaining offenders, two of them have fled the country.
The woman told police that five men took turns raping her in an industrial area in Sharjah before dumping her on the road and ran away.
After research in recent days, police found a rapist who was in custody at a police center for having sex with another pregnant woman.
"The police found that two other rapists fled the UAE immediately after committing the crime. Police also said they are taking steps catch those still in the UAE and bring back those who fled," the local news media reported.

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