Thursday, December 20, 2012

Doctor jailed after sexually assaulting numerous minor female patients

A doctor who exploited his position to sexually assault numerous minor female patients was finally jailed for 11 years, according to court proceedings.

A General Practitioner, who sexually assaulted patients during medical examinations for more than 30 years, was jailed for 11 years this week.
British Doctor, Gousul Islam, 70, made inappropriate comments and propositions to patients and staff members.
In his office at town surgery, he regularly groped girls and young women.
Under the pretext of examinations, he fondled their breasts, caressed their thighs and touched them intimately.

The doctor asked the women to undress in front of him without a screen and lie on his treatment bed without a blanket or towel to protect their modesty.
Judge Simon Lawler said: “it was the worst case of this kind by a professional he has seen in 40 years.”

Sheffield Crown Court heard that Islam single handedly ran Lyndhurst Surgery in Stainforth, Doncaster, until 2009.
The jury found him guilty of indecently assaulting seven female patients between 1970 and 1995 according your Jewish news.

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