Thursday, December 20, 2012

Magazine uses transgender model to pose as Michelle Obama

A new magazine made its way to the market, a magazine geared for transgendered people. 
The cover of the magazine has brought a lot of controversy. The cover photo shows a transgender model posing as the first lady Michelle Obama being sworn into office.
Connie Fleming, a New York transgender model, is on the cover of the world’s first transgender magazine. The magazine is named Candy.
According to reports, the magazine’s publisher, Luis Venegas, was inspired by the idea that a transsexual woman could one day be president of the Unites States.
Back in early 2007 the Democratic Party’s nominees were narrowed down between two minority groups who have never been president before, a black man, Barack Obama, and a woman, Hillary
Rodham Clinton.
“At that time, I thought, when will the time come when the White House will be occupied by a transsexual?” Venegas said, according to reports. Now he has the platform to inspire and show his support for a transgender president of the United States.
According to your Jewish news, Fleming was dressed in typical Michelle Obama fashion, from her her style of clothing, Jewelry and even her hairstyle.

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