Friday, December 14, 2012

Man burns himself with hot Iron after confusing it with Phone

Tomasz Paczkowski 
I've laughed at this kind of story before thinking it was just a joke. Alas!, what seems to be a joke then, is no longer a joke, rather it is a real live event. 
A man was left badly injured after confusing a hot iron for a phone, according to press reports.

Tomasz Paczkowski, was just trying to be a good husband. He has the scars to prove it.
He had a few days off from work, so when his wife asked him to help around the house, Paczkowski, who is 32-years-old and a resident of Elblag, Poland, agreed.

Paczkowski had breakfast, then he went into multitask mode. He turned on the TV to the boxing channel, opened a beer and began to iron some clothes.
"I was really involved in boxing and not really thinking about what I was doing," he told a British newspaper.
The phone rang and instead of reaching for the phone, Paczkowski  put the boiling hot iron to his ear. He immediately realized his mistake and rushed to the bathroom to cool the burn with water. But along the way, he hit his head on a door frame. He now wears bandages around his head and has an injury just above his left eye.
"I failed as a good husband," Paczkowski said.
The traumatic incident has left doubts about his watching boxing on television. However, Paczkowski told the newspaper he will continue to help his wife with ironing clothes.
Do you think Paczkowski is really a Bad Husband? What's your take on this? 

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