Wednesday, December 12, 2012

OMG! 34-Year-Old Man Stripped Naked After Caught Sleeping With Another Man's Wife

A man who was caught red-handed 'pumping' another man's wife will regret the day he cheated with a married woman after he was severely thumped by the official husband before being stripped.
The man, Taichivei Dzepatswa (34), was bashed by Bigboy Musikadi (28), who was backed up by his brothers Graham (27) and Moreblessing (25) of House No. 2971 Old Highfield.

Bigboy could not stomach his wife's conduct when he reportedly found his wife Vimbai Ngwenya in a compromising position with Taichivei on the day in question. he allegedly thrashed him before Vimbai ran for her dear life through the window leaving her boyfriend to face the music.

However, the 'cheating' man Taichivei reported the matter to the police leading to the trio's arrest. Taichivei said he was unaware that Vimbai was married.

"I was in love with Vimbai and she did not tell me that she was married. She only told me that she was staying with her sister and invited me to sleep at the house," he said.

They appeared before Mbare magistrate Rueben Mukavhi facing charges of assault and theft before the magistrate remanded them out of custody to 15 January next year on free bail for their trial.

State counsel Mirirai Mavemwa is alleging that on 3 December at around 8.30am Old Highfield where they had quality time together. It is alleged that after enjoying themselves, Taichivei sat on the bed discussing the 'way forward' with his girlfriend Vimbai in their bedroom. The State is alleging that Bigboy got the wave of the affair and went home.

He reportedly went in the company of his brothers Graham and Moreblessing and opened the door and saw the two. The trio is said to have assaulted Taichivei for having an extra-marital affair with his wife Vimbai.

Further allegations are that they went on to thump him using open hands and later took some wooden planks and thrashed him several times. He sustained some visible injuries on his left eye and hand.

After assaulting him, it is alleged that the trio strippéd Taichivei and took all his clothes forcing him to go nakéd. Fortunately, he was helped by a neighbour who dressed him. Taichivei allegedly lost US$659 during the scuffle and only recovered US$57.According to talk of Naija.

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