Friday, May 4, 2012

Wealth From Your Creativity (Part 2)

Truth is that sometimes there is no smoke and there is no fire, it’s just the business we are in. There are some stories that are true though but sometimes I wish our journalists will do more investigative journalism before they go ahead to destroy friendships, homes, businesses and opportunities. I don’t think they realise the amount of damage that they cause all in the name of getting a promotion or impressing their boss. I also wonder how some of them are able to sleep knowing that they have cooked up untrue stories about people that can affect the children and families of these people.
I believe that most of these journalists that write these “fictitious stories” are very creative though, because if you consider the amount of work they put into creating these stories you will see that they can be the best script writers ever.
I am suggesting that they start looking into scriptwriting, this brings in a lot of money, especially in our country where the movie industry is thriving; without a script there can be no movie. They can also write for advertising agencies for adverts, jingles and then move on to writing for television series, radio dramas, etc. The opportunities are endless as we must realise that that journalism is broken down into different types. Instead of writing junk to keep a job it might be better to consider things like setting up a small media consultancy company, become a publicist for individuals and corporate brands/ products. Your company can be on contract as the media department and public relations by big companies that need their products and services to be brought to the attention of the people.
If a journalist who has had experience in publicity, approaches an artiste who needs good media hype, all he needs to do is to spell out the benefit of having a publicist who would take the media aspect of your business and turn it into a money spinner. This means that if he succeeds in putting the celeb in the minds of the people as a positive role model, the celeb can have endorsement deals, be called to anchor events, become an ambassador for different organizations, etc. That way, the artiste will give a certain percentage of that to your media firm.
The more the journalist portrays the artiste positively, the more these brands will want to employ the services of the artistes and the more money the journalist will make.
Most of these journalists can also write small handbooks on how upcoming artistes can handle the media and how to handle their public persona, sale of the books can also bring in money.
They can also organize seminars and invite one or two big media gurus to talk about the country and how to resolve the issues we are facing in  Nigeria today by giving people the right kind of information.
How do we get this present young generation to bring that change in governance if the media cannot contribute in giving them an idea of what should be and how it should be done?
I personally believe that instead of destroying people and feeding the public with so much negativity, these journalists can make money with their talents and at the same time help in the development of the country by being innovative and objective.
Please note that I am not referring to all journalists, just those that write junk and believe it is journalism.
I want to commend those that have been objective and truthful in their information, I appreciate those who have helped us one way or the other in the eyes of the world because now we are seeing the benefits.
Gradually Hollywood feels safe enough to come and work with Nollywood, brands can now use most of us as brand ambassadors, etc.
Let us try and see how we can use our talents and creativity to make money and develop our country positively.
Quote:If you want the unusual, avoid conventional wisdom. —Leke Alder
 Credit Stella Damasus, Culled from PM News

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