Thursday, December 13, 2012

Overweight prisoner gets stuck in wall while trying to escape

Rafael Valadao stuck in prison wall
Four prisoners worked together on a prison escape plan. All went according to plan for the first inmate as he managed to escape, but when it came to his partners in crime, one of them was too fat to escape, blocking the way for the other two.
The Brazilian prisoners escape plan was foiled when his plump belly got stuck when trying to make his escape through a hole in the wall.
Rafael Valadao, a tall and overweight prisoner was trying to escape from a prison in Ceres, located in the central Brazilian state of Goias at 2:00 AM, when he got stuck. His head was already out of the prison wall but he could not manage to get the rest of his body out.
Moments earlier, another prisoner had jumped through a hole they made in the prison wall earlier, but when his partner in crime tried to get out his overweight body got stuck.
The other men were stuck inside the prison unable to escape as Valadao‘s body was stuck.
The bald convict was in agony after being stuck within the prison walls as the other prisoners desperately tried to push him out of the wall toward freedom, but it just did not happen.
According to your Jewish news, the other prisoners tried to push him out, but he got stuck in the wall. He began to scream in pain, and that was when the prison guards were alerted.
“He has a very large physique and he is also very tall,”  Lieutenant Tiago Costa, of the local fire brigade said.
Prison officers at the scene were clearly amused by the plight of the burly inmate before firefighters finally came to rescue him and cut him free.
He was taken to a hospital under police protection for a suspected broken rib, cuts and bruises. 
The overcrowded prison, remains a serious problem in the South American country, while reports of riots and escape attempts are a regular occurrence.

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